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We’ve been working our Alaskan Malamutes, in harness, under a pack, and in the show ring, since our first Mal was purchased in 1973. We purchased our first Nordkyn equipment from Pat and Jim Mitchell in 1975. In 1983, we started to retail Nordkyn equipment for Pat at the Pacific Northwest dog events. When Pat decided to retire in 1985, she offered Nordkyn to us.

We are making every effort to continue with the same excellent quality materials and workmanship Nordkyn customers expect. We are continuing to expand our product line to meet the needs of our customers. Our guarantee and exchange policies have not changed.

The Nordkyn Guarantee

Should you find a manufacturing defect with any Nordkyn product, we’ll repair, exchange, or replace it free. Webbing isn’t puppy-proof, so we can’t guarantee against chewed harnesses. We’ve seen harnesses, that with one bite, look like they were cut with a knife. Should “Jaws” strike without mercy, pack up the pieces and send them back. We’ll patch it up at cost, plus shipping. All of our harnesses are hand-made and custom fit, based on your measurements. We want our harnesses to fit right and work well. That’s why we urge you to measure your dog carefully, and send us individual measurements.

Contact Information

Phone:  253-847-4128,    Fax:  253-847-4108


Snail Mail:  PO Box 1023, Graham, WA 98338

If you would like to have us measure your dog, please call to schedule an appointment.  You will need directions to find us.