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freight1freight2Instructions for Freight/Weight Pull Style Harness

The harness comes with a hardwood spreader kit, which you cut to the exact width of your dog. The spreader bar should be touching the rear of the dog when the harness is in a relaxed position. Put the screws provided through the
fabric and into the pre-drilled spreader bar.

Instructions for Freight Style Carting Harness

The girth should slide through the loop sewn at the top of the harness neck. After installing the spreader bar, slide the cart shafts through the shafts loops on the girth.  Adjust the shaft loops for the width between the shafts and the diameter of the shaft.  Adjust the height so the shafts are as close as possible to parallel to the ground.  Checking the Fit: The neck of your harness should fit snugly. The webbing at the top of the neck should cross right at the base of the neck where the neck joins the withers.  The webbing under the throat should cross on the breastbone. The spreader bar should be at the back of the thigh (not hitting the hocks).

Harness Care

Hand or machine wash in cool, gentle. Hang to dry. DO NOT DRY in a dryer or next to a heat source—the webbing will shrink and/or melt. Do not store wet.